Artwork from The People’s Bible, vol. 2

Illustrations from The People’s Bible History, volume 2, published 1895.
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Simeon blessed the baby Jesus
Simeon blesses Jesus

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Pharisee and publican

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the good shepherd

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mother and brothers of Jesus

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Jesus leading the blind man

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sermon on mount

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Jesus tempted by the devil

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raising widow’s son

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the samaritan woman

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Jesus teaching from a ship

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healing man with palsy

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the calling of matthew

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the man born blind

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disciples picking grain

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Jesus driving out money changers

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departure from Egypt

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mary at Jesus’ feet

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parable of sower

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Jesus asleep in storm

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martha and mary

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peter walks on the water

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lazarus, come forth

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rich young man

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good samaritan 1

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good samaritan 2

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healing deaf man

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ten lepers

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the adulterous woman

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Judas kisses Jesus

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peter repents

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jesus before pilate

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via dolorosa

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resurrection morning

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scribes and pharisees

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olivet prophecy

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healing lame man

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on the road to caesarea

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Jesus and children

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miraculous catch of fishes

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paul and barnabas refuse worship

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