Artwork From The Bible and Its Story, vol. 7

Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Micah, Zephaniah,

The Bible and Its Story Taught by One Thousand Picture Lessons, vol.
7. edited by Charles F. Horne and Julius A. Bewer. 1908.

The way of the wicked. J. James Tissot. Prov. 4:19

The rule of wisdom. Edward Blashfield. Prov. 8:16

Thrift and charity. F. Wright? Prov. 10:15

Greed and cruelty. Wright? Prov. 11:26

Wine the mocker. Anselm Feuerbach. Prov. 20:1

Knowledge is sorrow. Henry von Siemiradzki. Eccl. 1:18

Solomon searches life. A. D. Rahn. Eccl. 2:8

The circle of life. Walter Crane. Eccl. 3:15

The end of earth. Adolph Hirschl. Eccl. 12:7

The Song of Solomon.
Julius Schnorr

The protest of devotion. Mente. Song 1:5

A child is born. J. Scheurenberg. Isaiah 9:6

The burden of Babylon. Dore. Isaiah 14:23

Egypt receives the light. Kotarbinski. Isaiah 19:25

The watchman’s vision. W. T. Thomson. Isaiah 21:7

The last judgment. Michelangelo. Isaiah 24:21

The dead shall live. Albert von Keller. Isaiah 25:8

Isaiah rebukes the people. Dutch. Isaiah 28:14

Egypt’s strength fails. Xavier Class. Isaiah 30:7

The sign to Hezekiah. Christopher B. Rode. Isaiah 38:8

The daughter of Babylon. Jean Francois Portaels. Isaiah 47:1

The man of sorrows. Schnorr. Isaiah 53:3

The serpent charmed. Tissot. Isaiah 65:25

The boiling pot. Schnorr. Jer. 1:13

Josiah killed by the Egyptians. Wright. Jer. 2:16

Jeremiah buries the girdle. Rom. de Hogge. Jer. 13:7

Jeremiah denounces the priests. Max Lieberg. Jer. 19:11

The breaking of the yoke. Forres Gordon Dingwall. Jer. 28:10

The king burns Jeremiah’s roll. Picart. Jer. 36:23

Jeremiah rescued from prison. Picart. Jer. 38:10

The fate of Egypt. C. Werthheimer. Jer. 46:19

The Assyrians in Samaria. Dutch 16th century. Hosea 8:7

The visions of Amos. Dutch 16th century. Amos 8:2

Jonah cast into the sea. Nicolas Poussin. Jonah 1:15

Jonah’s last lesson. Italian middle ages. Jonah 4:6

Micah Dore.

The women evicted. B. Pighein. Micah 2:9

“But thou, Bethlehem” A. D. Goltz. Micah 5:2

Nahum‘s prophecy
fulfilled. John Martin.

Habbakuk‘s cry
for mercy. Rom. de Hogge.

The power in the whirlwind. Hab. 3:14

Solomon. Gustave Dore. Prov. 1:1

Counsel of the aged. Edward Halloway. Prov. 1:10

Wisdom. H.O. Walker. Prov. 1:20

The woman of sin. F. R. Pickersgill. Prov. 2:18

Seven things that God hates. W. W. Thompson. Prov. 6:16

Grievous words. C. P. Marillier. Prov. 15:1

Folly. George F. Watts. Prov. 22:5

The field of sloth. A. Gray. Prov. 24:30

Hezekiah counsels modesty. Marillier. Prov. 25:6

A man with a maid. C. Mente. Prov. 30:18-19

Mother of the household. Sculpture by G. van der Straeten. Prov. 31:28

Isaiah. Michelangelo. Isaiah 1:2

The great arraignment. Salvatore Rosa. Isaiah 1:15

The Judge of peace. Joseph Fuehrich. Isaiah 2:4

The vineyard of desolation. W. A. Kotarbinski. Isaiah 5:6

The burning coal. Picart. Isaiah 6:7

Isaiah awaits king Ahaz. Dore. Isaiah 7:3

The virgin with child. Raphael. Isaiah 7:14

Ahaz worships idols in the temple. C. P. Marillier. Isaiah 10:16

God’s rule on earth. Pietro Vannucci. Isaiah 11:2

The weeping of Moab. Walter Russell. Isaiah 16:7-9

The Assyrian tyrants in Israel. Dore. Isaiah 33:8

Edom destroyed by God. J. B. M. Dupreel. Isaiah 34:2

Sennacherib’s death. A. Murch. Isaiah 37:38

Isaiah’s last rebuke. Marillier. Isaiah 39:3

Christ the conqueror. Bernard Plockhorst. Isaiah 40:10

“Before the day was” Vannucci. Isaiah 43:13

Seek ye the Lord. Carl Schoenherr. Isaiah 55:6

“I will gather all nations” J. F. Leempoels. Isaiah 66:18


Vision of the branch. Picart. Jer. 1:11

Jeremiah proclaims the law. Marillier. Jer. 11:6

The lesson from the potter. English. Jer. 18:6

The fate of Judah’s kings. A. D. Rahn. Jer. 22:19

The “righteous branch” Rubens. Jer. 23:5

The vision of the figs. Rahn. Jer. 24:1

Baruch writes for Jeremiah. Dore. Jer. 30:2

Jeremiah buys the field. Wright. Jer. 32:10

Jeremiah honored by the Babylonians. Sebastien Bourdon. Jer. 40:4

The flight to Egypt forbidden. Marillier. Jer. 42:19

The judgment on Babylon. Dore. Jer. 50:23

The fate of Zedekiah. Dore. Jer. 52:10

Hosea Sargent

blames the priesthood. Walter Russell. Hosea 4:6

Amos. John Sargent

Amos rebukes Israel’s luxury. Gerhard Hoet. Amos 6:4

driven from Israel. Dore. Amos 7:12

Jonah George Watts.

The sea-monster releases Jonah. Theodore Bernard. Jonah 2:10

Jonah preaches in Nineveh. Dore. Jonah 3:4

The ravage of Nineveh. William Paget. Nahum 2:4

preaches before Josiah. Marillier.

The great day of the Lord. William von Kaulbach. Zeph. 1:15

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