Difficulties, Trials, Suffering, Illness and Death

Here are articles that answer a frequently asked question: Why does God allow disasters and suffering?

Trials and suffering

Why God Allows Suffering
Why Must Christians Suffer?
Why Does God Allow Evil?
Why God Allows People to Do Evil
The Suffering God
Jesus – The Suffering God
Disaster in New Orleans!
Safe in God’s Hands
Tsunami Report—an Insider’s View
Where Was God?
Finding Meaning in Tragedy
Hindsight: Faith Reframing Tragedy
The Problem of Evil – a Biblical Theodicy
Jesus Helps Us in Everyday Trials
Trials and Faith
Suffering and Worship
Joy — Despite Pain and Suffering
I Think God Hates Me!
An Answer in the Dark
Her Beauty and Her Terror
The Blame Game and Other Games
When Bad Things Happen
The Trial of Job
Where Are You, Lord?
God Bless America
Blessing in Disguise
What and Why Healing
Divine Healing — What, Why, How?
Faith and Healing
Medical Science and the Bible
Responsibilities in Sickness
Healing (an article)
Trials, Faith, and Healing
James 5:14 and Healing
Cleaning Up Katrina – After the Cameras Moved On

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