Articles about Grace Communion International

Fact Sheet: Grace Communion International
Fact Sheet: GCI Statement of Beliefs
GCI Membership in Evangelical Organizations
GCI Mission, Vision and Objectives
Our Mission and Vision
Our Mission and Ministries
Our Story
Our Values, Emphasis, and Ministries
Home Office Mission, Values and Objectives
GCnext mission
The GCI Statement of Beliefs
We’re Often Asked
Transformed by Christ: A Brief History of Grace Communion International
GCI Statement of Financial Stewardship
What’s in a Name?
A Case of Mistaken Identity
We Are Growing in Important Ways
Underlining Life
GCI Churches and Work in Western, Central, and Eastern Africa
GCI in Canada
GCI Churches and Work in the Caribbean
GCI Churches and Work in Northeastern Asia, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates
GCI Churches and Work in Southern Asia, New Zealand and the Pacific
Central and Eastern Europe, and Spain
GCI Churches and Work in Europe
U.S. Church Administration Manuals
Code of Ethics for GCI Elders
The Church’s Worship Calendar
The Weekly Worship Service
Baptism of an Infant
Blessing of a Child
Confirmation Ceremony
Commissioning a Ministry Leader
Ordination of an Elder
Installation of a Pastor
Wedding Ceremony
Renewal of Wedding Vows
Anointing the Sick
Funeral Service
Audio Resources From the 2010 GCI Conference
Workshop Resources From the 2010 Conference
Media from the UK 2012 Denominational Conference
Media from the 2013 International Conference
Media from the 2014 Regional Conferences
Printable Pamphlets
Speech Club Manual
Speech Club Introductory Articles
Speech Club – Toastmaster, Language Word Power, Tongue Twisters
Speech Club Speeches 1-4
Speech Club Speeches 5-8
Speech Club Speeches 9-12
Speech Club – Evaluation, Business, Tabletopics
Graduate Club Manual – Introductory Articles
Graduate Club Manual – Speeches 1-6
Forgive Us Our Trespasses
A Church Reborn
From the Fringe to the Fold
When Your Church Says It’s Wrong
How the Worldwide Church of God Found the Truth of the Gospel
NAE Accepts Worldwide Church of God
Open Arms: Welcoming the Worldwide Church of God
A Glimpse of the Journey
Global Lessons From the Worldwide Church of God
Books About Our Doctrinal Transformation

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