GCI: Commissioning a Ministry Leader

The commissioning of a ministry leader should take place during the worship service in the congregation where the ministry leader will be serving.


The pastor says: “[person’s full name], it has become apparent to our elders, our church council and to our congregation that Jesus Christ has called you, through the Holy Spirit, to serve as the leader of our [name of ministry].”

Pastor asks: “[Person’s name], do you agree to faithfully and humbly serve the people of [congregation’s name] as the leader of our [name of ministry], doing your best, with Christ’s help, in accord with your pastor, to uphold the responsibilities and duties of that office?”

Individual responds: “I do.”

The pastor asks the congregation: “Do you agree to faithfully support [person’s first name] in this ministry, to pray for him/her and uphold him/her in his/her responsibilities, with Christ’s help?”

Congregation responds: “We do.”

The pastor may then anoint the individual with oil by dipping a finger or thumb in the oil and applying it to the person’s forehead[1] while saying:

We commission you in the name of Jesus, to serve Jesus Christ and this congregation as leader of our [name of ministry]. Amen.

The pastor then lays hands on the individual being commissioned, asks the other elders to do the same, and offers a prayer of commissioning.

Sample prayer:

Father in heaven, we rejoice in our Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, and thank you for setting apart [person’s first name] to lead our [name of ministry]. We pray that you will fill him/her with wisdom, good judgment, courage, zeal and patience for this work and bless him/her in all his/her service in Christ. Amen.


[1] Some officiants may wish to make the sign of the cross on the forehead.


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