GCI: Photos in Transformed by Truth, page 7

Seventh page of photos from Transformed by Truth, between pages 128 and 129. Next page

Joseph Tkach, Sr., as a child with his parents and sisters.Joseph W. Tkach, Sr., successor of Herbert Armstrong as pastor general of the church, as a child with his parents and sisters. From left: Vasil Tkach, daughters Vera, Anne and Mary; front row from left: Joseph, Sr., sister Lillian and mother Mary.

Herbert Armstrong and Joseph Tkach Sr.
Right: Herbert Armstrong and Joseph Tkach, Sr. chat in the Chicago airport.

Joseph Tkach, Sr. Left: The senior Tkach preaching in the late 1980s, after his succession to pastor general.

Joseph Tkach, Sr. Below: Formal portrait of Joseph Tkach, Sr.


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