GCI: Photos in Transformed by Truth, page 6

Sixth page of photos from Transformed by Truth, between pages 128 and 129. Next page

Herbert Amstrong waving from the entrance of the church-owned jet

Left: Armstrong emerging from the church’s jet, which he used for world travel, meeting with political leaders in the 1970s and ’80s.

Below left: Armstrong celebrates the 50th anniversary edition of The Plain Truth (1984). At its peak, the magazine’s unpaid circulation exceeded 8 million copies.

Herbert Armstrong giving a message from the stage of Ambassador AuditoriumHerbert Amstrong with the 50th anniversary edition of The Plain TruthBelow: In his later years Armstrong presents a message live from Pasadena, videotaped for congregations around the world.

Ambassador Auditorium

Below: Ambassador Auditorium, Pasadena, California, completed in 1974. The imposing edifice was the site of concerts featuring top classical and jazz performers for 20 years.


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