Artwork From The Bible and Its Story, vol. 9 & 10

The Gospels, part 2

Illustrations from volumes 9 and 10 of The Bible and its Story Taught by
One Thousand Picture Lessons,
edited by Charles F. Horne and Julius A. Bewer,
published in 1910. Most of the original artwork was in color.

The Gadarene swine. Luke 8:33. Julius Schnorr. B9.50

“Your faith has made you whole” Mark 5:28. Edward Armitage. B9.51

Jesus comes to Jairus’ house. Mark 5:38. J. de Vriendt. B9.52

“Talitha cumi.” Mark 5:41. Gabriel Max. B9.53

The feeding of five thousand. Luke 9:16. Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld.

Blind Bartimaeus cries. Julius Schnorr. Mark 10:51. B9.84

Parable of the Samaritan. J. Doyle Penrose. Luke 10.33. B9.75

Parable of Lazarus and the rich man. Briton Riviere. Luke 16:20. B9.78

Parable of the wedding guests. P. Priolo. Matt. 22:13. B9.88

Parable of the ten virgins. Carl von Piloty. Mark 13:36. B9.92

The twelve sent forth. Mark 6:7. J. James Tissot. B9.54

Jesus refuses a crown. John 6:15. Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld. B9.56

The bread of life promised. John 6:51. Jean Jouvenet. B9.58

Jesus among foreigners. Mark 7:25. Jean Germain Drouet. B9.60

Jesus rescues the sinful woman. John 8:7. Jose Echena. B9.70

Children welcomed. Julius Schmid. Mark 10:14. B9.81

Sell all that you have. Henry Hofmann. Luke 18:23. B9.82

James and John seek honor. Anton van Dyck. Matt. 20:20. B9.83

Christ enters Jerusalem. Bernhard Plockhorst. Matt. 21:9. B9.86

The purging of the temple. John 2:16. Luca Giordano. B9.16

The lament over Jerusalem. C. L. Eastlake. Luke 21:24. B9.91

Mary anoints Christ. Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld. Matt. 26:13. B9.93

Last Supper. Jacopo Robusti.

Judas and the priests. H. Prell. Mark 14:10. B9.94

Christ waits on his disciples. Ford Madox Brown. John 13:6. B9.95


“Watch and pray” Henry Hofmann. Matt. 26:40. bx5


Jesus before Caiaphas. Luc. Davis. Mark 14:56. bx9

Peter’s denial. H. Told. Luke 22:57. bx


Peter denies Christ. Graf Harrach. Matt. 26:74. bx12

“Guilty of death” Gebhard Fugel. Mark 14:64. bx.10

The despair of Judas. Edward Armitage. Matt. 27:5. bx13

Christ brought before Pilate. Michael Mukacsy. Mark 15:2. bx14

Give us Barabbas. Charles Louis Muller. John 18:40. bx15

Herod questions Jesus. E. Limmer. Luke 23:8. bx16


The crown of thorns. Titian. John 19:2. bx19


“Ecce homo” Henry Hofmann. John 19:5. bx20


The women weep. Alois Delug. Luke 23:28. bx23

The final pilgrimage. Georg Papperitz. Mark 15:22. bx21


“Father, forgive them” Gustave Dore. Luke 23:34. bx24

The divine mother sheltered. P. van der Ouderaa. John 19:27. bx27


The burial. F. August von Kaulbach. Matt. 27:59. bx31

The women watch. A. Feszti. Luke 23:55. bx32


“He is risen” William Bouguereau. Mark 16:6. bx34

The disciples search. Eugene Burnand. John 20:4

Christ appears to Mary. G. Aus der Ohe. John 20:17. bx36

On the road to Emmaus. James Sant. Luke 24:15. bx38


The supper at Emmaus. Henry Hofmann. Luke 24:30. bx39

“Peace be unto you” Erwin Kusthardt. Luke 24:36. bx40


The doubt of Thomas. Vincent Camuccini. John 20:7. bx41

At Galilee. Julius Schnorr. John 21:4 bx42

“Feed my sheep” Raphael. John 21:15. bx43


The tarrying of John. Charles le Brun. John 21:22. bx44


The last sermon. Edward von Gebhardt. Mark 16:15. bx45


The ascension. Gebhard Fugel. Mark 16:19. bx46



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