Artwork by Alexandre Bida of the Life of Christ, part 2

From Christ in Art; or, The Gospel Life of Jesus: With the Bida Illustrations.
by Edward Eggleston. New York: Fords, Howard, & Hulbert, 1874.
For portrait-oriented Bida artwork, click here.

Birth of John the Baptist

The star in the east

The return from Egypt

Jesus in the midst of the doctors

Jesus drives the money-changers from the temple

Nicodemus seeks Jesus by night

The miraculous draught of fishes

The priests take counsel with the Herodians

Jesus in prayer

Scene of the sermon on the mount

The burning of Sodom

Mary anoints the feet of Jesus

Parable of the sower

Sleep of Jesus during the storm

A woman healed by touching the garment of Jesus

The daughter of Jairus raised from the dead

Jesus walks on the water

Jesus and Peter on the water

Jesus and his disciples on the road to Caesarea

Jesus and the child

Servants of the chief priest

The woman taken in adultery

The road to Jericho

Healing of the man with the dropsy

Jesus eats with publicans and sinners

Lazarus raised from the dead

“Suffer little children to come unto me”

The rich young man

Site of Jericho

The healing of Bartimaeus

Jerusalem from the hill Scopus, on the north

Jesus descending the Mount of Olives

The tribute money

The widow’s mite

Jesus upon the Mount of Olives

Judas before the Sanhedrin

Jesus washes the feet of his disciples

The Lord’s Supper

Jesus prays with his disciples

Joseph of Arimathea prepares Christ for burial

The burial of Christ

The holy women brings sweet spices

The angel appears to the holy women

Doubting Thomas answered

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