Christian Living Stories: Sticking Together

Having a wholesome breakfast prepares us for the day ahead. In many parts of Africa people eat a corn-based porridge that has various names. In Uganda it is called “Posho,” and in South Africa it is “mealie pap.”

The Kuria tribe of Tanzania has a proverb about it, and the meaning behind the saying is “unity is strength.” “Omoonto umwi nkiringuuri ababere nitoonga rebukima” translates as “one person is like thin porridge, two people are like a lump of porridge.”

Perhaps you have a box of matches. Take out one match and you can snap it easily. Bunch ten or more matches together and you will find them hard to break.

So it is with Christians. Our togetherness in Christ strengthens us for the pressures of life.

If you are going through a difficult time, why not go to church and find fellowship there? Being with others can comfort us and make our faith and resolve stronger.

If you are a Christian in isolation, it is like eating thin, watered-down porridge that has little lasting sustenance. But when you face trials with your brothers and sisters in Christ, it is like eating thick nourishing porridge that will help sustain you in the dark days ahead.

copyright 2007

Author: James R. Henderson


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