Old Testament Laws: Appendix 2 of Sabbath, Circumcision and Tithing: For Further Reading

You might find some of the following materials helpful:

  • Bacchiocchi, Samuele. From Sabbath to Sunday. Biblical Perspectives, 1987. A book with an unusual theory about early church history, by a Seventh-day Adventist.
  • Carson, D.A., editor. From Sabbath to Lord’s Day. Zondervan, 1982, or Wipf & Stock, 2000. Scholars examine Scripture and history.
  • Donato, Christopher John. Perspectives on the Sabbath: Four Views. B&H Academic, 2011. Chapters are written by Charles Arand, Craig Blomberg, Skip McCarty, and Joseph Pipa.
  • Dorsey, David. “The Law of Moses and the Christian: A New Approach to an Old Problem.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 34 (Sept. 1991): 321-334.
  • Morrison, Michael. Which Old Testament Laws Apply to Christians Today? Available online.
  • Ratzlaff, Dale. Sabbath in Christ. Life Assurance Ministries, 2003. A book against the Sabbath, by a former Adventist.
  • Strand, Kenneth, editor. The Sabbath in Scripture and History. Review & Herald, 1982. A pro-Sabbath book by Adventists.
  • Strickland, Wayne, editor. Five Views on Law and Gospel. Zondervan, 1996. Chapters are written by Greg Bahnsen, Walter Kaiser, Douglas Moo, Wayne Strickland, and Willem Vangemeren.
  • Swartley, Willard. Sabbath, Slavery, War and Women. Herald Press, 1983. This book presents arguments for and against four issues as a springboard for discussing the way we interpret the Bible.
  • Thielman, Frank. Paul and the Law: A Contextual Approach. InterVarsity, 1994. A scholar looks at what Paul wrote.

Author: Michael Morrison


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