Old Testament Laws: List of 17th-Century English Seventh-day Churches with their earliest known dates

“Sabbatary Christians,” site unknown 1607
Traskites, London 1617
Burton-on-Trent, Derbyshire 1650
Leominster, Herefordshire 1650
Dorchester, Dorsetshire 1652
Henry Jessey’s group, London 1653
Mill Yard, London 1653
Colchester, Essex pre-1657
Tewkesbury [Natton], Glouchestershire circa 1660
Bell Lane, London 1662
Chertsey, Surrey pre-1668
Wallingford, Berkshire 1668
Northwalsham, Norfolk pre-1669
Watleton, Oxfordshire pre-1669
Worborough, Oxfordshire pre-1669
Pinners Hall, London 1676
Gloucestershire* 1680
Hampshire 1680
Sherbourne, Dorsetshire 1680
Belmister, Dorsetshire pre-1690
Bledlow, Buckinghamshire pre-1690
Boston, Lincolnshire pre-1690
Dorsetor, Dorsetshire pre-1690
Harwich, Essex pre-1690
Ingham, Norfolk pre-1690
Melton, Suffolk pre-1690
Nottingham, Lincolnshire pre-1690
Salisbury, Wiltshire pre-1690
Sherbon, Dorsetshire pre-1690
Sturmister, Dorsetshire pre-1690
Woodbridge, Suffolk pre-1690
Yarmouth, Norfolk pre-1690

* This list is based primarily on information found in The Seventh Day Baptists in Europe and America, volumes 1 and 2, and Ernest A. Payne’s “More About the Sabbatarian Baptists,” The Baptist Quarterly (London), vol. 14, no. 4, October 1951. Additional information is supplied by Oscar Burdick, “SDB Churches,” an unpublished manuscript.** Is this the same, or the remnant of the Natton congregation, which started around 1660, or is it a separate congregation? Payne’s list includes two seventh-day churches in this shire in December 1690.


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