Christian Living Stories: Keep on Walking

walkingIn developing nations people walk for miles along roads. In crowded and remote areas, day and night, you see people walking. There is a saying used by the Kikuyu tribe of Kenya — “Kuguru ni irata thi,” meaning “the foot goes all over the world.”

It is not unusual for individuals to walk long distances to collect water, food and firewood. I know some Christians who trek two to three miles weekly to attend church! What perseverance! Would you do that?

The Kikuyu slogan stresses the need to persevere. Our feet are gifts, and we need to use them to accomplish whatever our goals are.

Biblically, we have a choice of how to use our feet. With them we can “run to evil,” bringing destruction and pain both to ourselves and to others (Isaiah 59:7), or we can use them for the gospel of peace (Ephesians 6:15). We can persist in doing wrong and harmful things, or we can keep on walking in faith and in love, reflecting how Jesus walked on this earth.

Some days we may be tempted to put our feet up and forget the Christian walk. It’s too hard to go on. We feel tired. Jesus knows that feeling. He was sometimes weary. But for us he pressed on and walked the path to Calvary. That same Jesus is with us now, and he’ll help us get up when we get weary. With him we can persevere. With him, some days, we can walk on water!

Author: James R. Henderson


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