Artwork From The Bible and Its Story, vol. 6

Illustrations from Esther, Job, Psalms

The Bible and Its Story Taught by One Thousand Picture Lessons, vol. 6. edited by Charles F. Horne and Julius A. Bewer. 1908

Vashti banished. Ernest Normand. Est. 1:19 The maidens chosen. Filippino Lippi. Est. 2:8
Esther robed in splendor. Jean Francois de Troy. Est. 2:13 Esther crowned queen. 15th century Florence. Esther 2:17
Mordecai reveals the plot. Gerard de Lairesse. Est. 2:22 Mordecai scorns Haman. Ernest Normand. Est. 3:2
Esther faints before the king. Rembrandt. Est. 5:1 Haman’s great hatred. Tissot. Est. 5:13
The king hears the chronicles. Henry N. O’Neil. Est. 6:1 Mordecai honored. de Troy. Est. 6:11
Esther accuses Haman. Normand. Est. 7:5 Haman condemned. Edward Armitage. Est. 7:8
Haman hanged. L. de Later. Est. 7:10 Feast of Purim commanded. Melville. Est. 9:20
The herds are stolen. Crispin van den Broeck. Job 1:15 The sheep are killed. John Gilbert. Job 1:16
Job’s lamentation. Marten van Heemskerk. Job 1:20 Satan smites Job. Blake. Job 2:7
Job’s wife laments. Picart. Job 2:9 The three friends arrive. Eberhard Waechter. Job 2:12
The rebuke of Bildad. Schnorr. Job 8:2 Zophar condems Job. Tissot. Job 11:3
Elihu’s exhortation. A. Acland Hunt. Job 32:6 Job’s submission. Philip James de Loutherbourg. Job 1:20-22
Job’s prayer. C. Calthrop. Job 42:8 The latter days of Job. Schnorr. Job 42:12
“Ask of me” Ferdinand Brutt. Psalm 2:1 “When I consider the heavens” Frank Wright. Ps. 8:3
a promise of resurrection. Witold Pruszkowski. Ps. 16:10 Green pastures. Rosa Bonheur. Ps. 23:2
The triumphal entry. Ernst Deger. Ps. 24:7 “Have mercy on me” Schnorr. Ps. 31:9
The end of war. Franz Stueck. Ps. 46:8 Nathan pardons David. Fuehrich. Ps. 51:1
Guile of the streets. Tissot. Ps. 55:11 Thirst in the desert. Xavier A. Brendamour. Ps. 63:1
“The little hills rejoice” Claude Gellee called Lorain. Ps. 65:13 All nations will call him blessed. Franz Zmurki. Ps. 72:17
The power of the storm. Paul Thiem. Ps. 77:17 Teaching the children. Forres Gordon Dingwall. Ps. 78:5
The oppression of Israel. John Sargent. Ps. 83:4 Peace. J. Emil Schindler. Ps. 84:4
The highest born. Carl Gutherz. Ps. 87:6 They will bear you up. Gutherz. Ps. 91:12
Psalm of vengeance. L. Leonhard. Ps. 94:1 Bless the Lord. John Harrison Witt. Ps. 103:20
At heaven’s gate. Hans Sandreuter. Ps. 100:4 Sailor’s psalm. Hendrich. Ps. 107:30
Temple sacrifice. Schnorr. Ps. 116:17 By the waters of Babylon. Martin. Ps. 137:1
The universal song. W. Pape. Ps. 148:1 Praise him with organs. Zampieri. Ps. 150:4
Victory over death. Isa. 25:8Bernhard Plockhorst Esther. Gottlieb Biermann. Esther 1:1 Vashti’s defiance. Alexander Cabanel. Est. 1:12
Esther before the king. J. James Tissot. Est. 2:16 Haman plans revenge. Rembrandt. Est. 3:9 Mordecai warns Esther. Felix J. Barrias. Est. 4:15
Esther pardoned. Mariani. Est. 5:2 Mordecai receives the king’s ring. Picart. Est. 8:8 Job’s charity. William C.T. Dobson. Job 29:12
Job blessed of God. William Blake. Job 1:1 Satan denies Job’s goodness. Blake. Job 1:8 Job’s children die. Dore. Job 1:19
Job laments. Dore. Job 3:3 Vision of Eliphaz. Blake. Job 4:2 Job scorns his revilers. Frederic Lix. Job 12:2
God speaks from the whirlwind. Walter Russell. Job 38:1 The Pleiades. Blake. Job 38:31 Behemoth and Leviathan. Blake. Job 40:15

King David. Wilhelm Ebbinghaus.

God the comforter. Tissot. Ps. 6:8 The defiance of evil. Jean Zuber. Ps. 18:17
The heavens declare his glory. Albert Rieger. Ps. 19:1 The agony. Joseph Fuehrich. Ps. 22:1 “Teach me the way” Plockhorst. Ps. 27:10
“Joy comes in the morning” Johannes Schilling. Ps. 30:5 Rejoice in the Lord. Raphael. Ps. 33:1 “Make me to know my end” A.D. Rahn. Ps. 39:6
“As the deer pants” W. Weimar. Ps. 42:1 The king’s daughter. C. von Spanyik. Ps. 45:13 “Save me, O God” J. Lafayette. Ps. 69:1
Elders at the gate. Tissot. Ps. 69:12 Death. George Watts. Ps. 71:20 The thorny path. Pietro Stachiewicz. Ps. 73:26
The wailing wall. Jean Leon Gerome. Ps. 74:9 Angel of mortality. M. Ehrler. Ps. 90:5 The Sabbath song. Tissot. Ps. 92:12
The cherubs’ song. Joshua Reynolds. Ps. 96:11 People delight in nature. Fuehrich. Ps. 104:23 At God’s right hand. Fuehrich. Ps. 110:1
Idols of the heathen. Henri Paul Motte. Ps. 115:5 The Good Shepherd. Plockhorst. Ps. 119:176 “As a fruitful vine” F.E. Wright? Ps. 128:3
The escapes of David. Dore. Ps. 142:5

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