Artwork from The Bible and Its Story, vol. 2

Illustrations from Exodus through Deuteronomy

The Bible and Its Story Taught by One Thousand Picture Lessons, vol. 2. edited by Charles F. Horne and Julius A. Bewer. 1908.

Building cities in Egypt. Ex. 1:7. Poynter Bitter labor. Ex. 1:14. Schnorr.
Moses saved by Pharaoh’s daughter. Ex. 2:10. Nicolas Poussin Moses. Michelangelo.
The hiding of Moses. Exodus 2:2. Karl Pfannschmidt The finding of Moses. Ex. 2:5. J. Young Hunter
The adoption of Moses. Ex. 2:7 Karl Pfannschmidt scene from Egypt. Ernst Koerner
Moses kills an Egyptian. Ex. 2:12. Schnorr Moses drives away the shepherds. Ex. 2:19. Heinrich Schopin
The daughters of Reuel. Ex. 2:16. Botticelli Moses in the desert. Ex. 3:1. E. J. Poynter
The rod becomes a serpent. Ex. 4:3. Charles le Brun Return to Egypt. Ex. 4:20. Alessandro Filipipi
The burning bush. Ex. 3:2. John Martin God commands Moses. Ex. 3:10. Schnorr
Magicians and snakes. Ex. 7:12. Poussin “Let my people go” Ex. 5:1. Gustave Dore
Bricks without straw. Ex. 5:9. Herhard Hoet Plague of frogs. Ex. 8:6. G. Freman
Miriam’s song. Ex. 15:20. Poynter The plague of blood. Ex. 7:24
The plague of vermin. Ex. 8:24. Luther Bible. Pharaoh hardens his heart. Ex. 8:19. Jules Lecomte-Denouy
Plague on the beasts. Ex. 9:3. Gustave Dore Plague of boils. Ex. 9:11. J. Steeple Davis.
Plague of hail. Ex. 9:24. John Martin Plague of darkness. Ex. 10:23. Dore
Spoiling the Egyptians. Ex. 11:2. Paolo Caliari The angel of death. Ex. 11:6. Arthur Hacker
The firstborn of Pharaoh is dead. Ex. 12:29. Lawrence Alma-Tadema Pharaoh’s sorrow. Ex. 12:30 Ernest Normand
Pharaoh tells Moses to go. Ex. 12:32. Schnorr.
Moses has horns, as he does in several
other depictions
The Israelites leave Egypt. Ex. 12:37. Davis Roberts
The Red Sea. Ernst Koerner A night of fright. Ex. 14:11. C. W. Eckersberg
Miracle at the Red Sea. Ex. 14:16. Wilhelm Ebbinghaus Pharaoh’s army destroyed. Ex. 14:30. Martin
Manna. Ex. 16:15. Giovanni Romanelli Gathering manna. Jacopo Robusti. Ex. 16:29
Israel enters the desert. Ex. 15:22. A. Laby Water from the rock. Poynter. Ex. 17:6 Joshua fights against Amalek. Hoet. Ex. 17:8
Aaron and Hur hold up Moses’ hands. John Millais. Ex. 17:12 Jethro and Zipporah return. Artaud. Ex. 18:6 Moses and the elders see God. Jacopo Amiconi. Ex. 24:10
Mt. Sinai. Elijah Walton. Ex. 19:1 Israel’s journey through the Sinai
Israel waits for God. Dore. Is. 19:15 God speaks to Israel at Sinai. Hoet. Ex. 19:18
The covenant confirmed. Davis. Ex. 24:7 The golden calf. Poussin. Ex. 32:8
Who is on the Lord’s side? Tissot. Ex. 32:26 Bezaleel. Tissot. Ex. 35:30 Aholiab makes the garments. Tissot. Ex. 38:23
Levites kill the idolaters. Schnorr. Ex. 32:27 Moses wins a pardon for Israel. Raphael. Ex. 33:10
Moses teaches the law. Schnorr. Ex. 35:1 Building the tabernacle. Hoet. Ex. 40:17
The shekinah glory enters the tabernacle. Ex. 40:34 Israel’s offerings to God. H. Melville. Lev. 1:2
Aaron consecrated as high priest. B. Barnards. Lev. 8:15 The poor widow’s offering. Frederick Goodall. Lev. 12:8 The blasphemer stoned. Hoet. Lev. 24:23
Aaron’s sons killed. Tissot. Lev. 10:2 The azazel scapegoat. William Holman Hunt. Lev. 16:22
The year of Jubilee. Henry le Jeune. Lev. 25:40 Is the Lord’s hand short? Tissot. Num. 11:4
Miriam and Aaron complain against Moses. Num. 12:1 The rebellion of Korah. Alessandro Filippi / Botticelli. Num. 16:7
Joshua saved. Davis. Num. 14:10 The spies return. Wilhelm Ebbinghaus. Num. 13:25 Israel driven back into the desert. B. Barnards. Num. 14:33
Moses numbers the people. Philippoteau. Num. 1:19 The fire of atonement. Tissot. Num. 16:48
Aaron’s rod. Schnorr. Num. 17:8 Moses strikes the rock. Poussin. Num. 20:11
The death of Aaron. Tissot. Num. 20:28 The bronze serpent. Feodor A. Bruni. Num. 21:8
Balaam stopped by an angel. Schnorr. Num. 22:31 Balaam blesses Israel. Hippolyte Flandrin. Num. 24:17
The earth swallows Korah. Dore. Num. 16:32 Balak blames Balaam. Kunstanstalt. Num. 23:11 Moab leads Israel into sin. Hoet. Num. 25:2
Moses. Frederick Leighton. Moses sees the promised land. Kunstanstalt. Deut. 34:4 The death of Moses. Bernhard Plockhorst. Deut. 34:5
The women of Midian. Tissot. Num. 31:9 Reuben and Gad ask for land. Arthur B. Houghton. Num. 32:16
The daughters of Zelophehad. Num. 36:6 Hear, O Israel! Martin de Vos. Deut. 5:1
Moses blesses Joshua. Schnorr. Deut. 31:7



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