Artwork by Alexandre Bida of the Life of Christ

From Christ in Art; or, The Gospel Life of Jesus: With the Bida Illustrations.
by Edward Eggleston. New York: Fords, Howard, & Hulbert, 1874.
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Mary’s visit to Elizabeth

The departure for Egypt

The child Jesus

John in the wilderness

“Behold, the Lamb of God”

Jesus by the sea

The temptation

Jesus talks with the Samaritan woman

Healing the invalid at the pool

Jesus preaches from a ship

Jesus rejected at Nazareth

The calling of the fishermen

The leper

Jesus heals the man with palsy

Calling of St. Matthew

The man with the withered hand

The Sermon on the Mount

The prayer in secret

Healing the centurion’s servant

The son of the widow of Nain

Jesus teaching in the synagogue

Healing two blind men

Beheading of John the Baptist

Daughter of Herodias and the head of John

The miracle of the loaves

The Syrophoenician woman

Jesus heals a deaf man

Jesus leads the blind

The transfiguration

The man blind from birth

“Peace be to this house”

The good Samaritan at the inn

Jesus at the house of Martha and Mary

Healing an aged woman

Jesus converses with the doctors of the law

Departure of the prodigal son

Return of the prodigal son

The rich man and Lazarus

The ten lepers

The Pharisee and the publican

The donkey and her colt

Triumphal entry into Jerusalem

“The scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat”

Jesus foretells the destruction of the temple

The foolish virgins

The way, the truth, and the life

The sleep of the disciples

Judas guides the soldiers

The kiss of Judas

The denial of Peter

The repentance of Peter

Jesus brought before Pilate

Jesus delivered to the soldiers

Going forth to Calvary

The crucifixion

After the crucifixion

The disciples at Emmaus

Jesus appears to his disciples

Peter leaps from the boat to meet Jesus

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