Articles About the Sabbath



The Christian Sabbath (a booklet)
Is the Sabbath Required for Christians Today?
What Do the Scriptures Say About the Sabbath?
What Do the Writings and the Prophets Say About the Sabbath?
Jesus and the Sabbath (study paper)
Paul and the Sabbath (study paper)
The Sabbath: Hebrews 4:9 and Other Questions
Genesis 2:2-3 — God’s "Rest" and the Sabbath
Is Leviticus 23:3 a Command to Have Worship Services on the Weekly Sabbath?
Jesus kept the Sabbath. Shouldn’t we follow his example?
Jesus, the Sabbath and Old Testament Festivals
Does Mark 2:27-28 Command Christians to Observe the Weekly Sabbath?
Was the Sabbath made for all human beings?
Is the Sabbath a Moral Law or a Ceremonial Law?
Matthew 24:20 – Why Pray Not To Flee on the Sabbath?
Does Hebrews 4:9 Command Us to Keep the Sabbath?
A Response to "Why the Seventh Day?"
Another Letter to an Adventist
Is There a "Sabbath Principle" for Christians to Keep?
Can God’s Sabbath Law Be "Done Away"?
What About the Ten Commandments and "The Law"?
Are Prophecies Commands for Christians?
The New Covenant and the Sabbath
The Covenants and the Sabbath: The Biblical Evidence
A Sign Forever
From Sunday to Sabbath: The Puritan Origins of Modern Seventh-day Sabbatarianism
List of 17th-Century English Seventh-day Churches with their earliest known dates

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