Japan is a lovely country with a beautiful people. Economically and politically respected for its technology and resources, they also deserve a share of the gospel. Its people are mostly Buddhist and Shintoist and only about 3 percent Christian. In the past ten years, we have tried to start a church in the Tokyo area, and there was a time when GCI had a part lay Japanese pastor. However, because the nature of the membership being transients from Philippines, the USA and other Western countries, it was quite challenging to sustain. There are still about a dozen members there and are mostly Filipinas married to the Japanese. Some are there for study or work.

Cost of living in Japan is high, and the entrance of Filipinos was quite difficult. In recent years, the bilateral ties between the Philippines and Japan have improved and as a result, there are more opportunities for Filipinos to work in Japan. We pray for more open doors for tent maker missionaries to go to Japan for work and mission. We are also exploring partnership opportunities that we can minister with other faith-based groups for spiritual and logistical support. The church continues to explore small group ministry, short term mission trips and regular missionary and pastoral care as our commitment to participate in the work of God in Japan.

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