God and Theology

The God Revealed in Jesus Christ – a Booklet
An Introduction to God
We Were Always On His Mind
Who Is God?
Knowing God
Who’s Afraid of God’s Judgment?
Afraid of God?
Predestination: Does God Choose Your Fate?
Free in the Divine Freedom
God Is… (introduction to the booklet)
In Search of the Eternal
How God Reveals Himself
The Lord Our God, the Lord Is One
Jesus Reveals God
One in Three and Three in One
Humanity’s Relationship With God
Let God Be God
Finding God
A God of Chaos?
Does God Have a Body?
God’s Names and Titles
The Sacred-Name Question
The Controversy About Using "Sacred Names" for God
Avoiding the Pitfall of Panentheism
Clarifying Our Theological Vision
The Kingdom of God
Why Bother With Theology?
Strong Theology vs. Weak Theology
Theology Affects the Way We Live
Theology in Perspective
Theology: What Difference Does It Make?
Answering Questions About Our Theology
Beware Theological Labels
Incarnational Trinitarian Theology: A Brief Outline
An Introduction to Trinitarian Theology
What’s So Special About Trinitarian Theology?
From Comfort to Relationship: My Journey From Calvinism to Trinitarian Theology
Embracing Trinitarian Theology
Questions and Answers About Trinitarian Theology
Theology as a Framework for Life and Ministry
Foundations of Theology for Grace Communion International
What About "Eternal Security"?
Soul and Spirit in Scripture
Talking With Paul Young
Myk Habets Interview: Theosis: Participation in the Divine Nature
The Election That Really Counts
Karl Barth: The Most Important Election Ever
On Theology of the Word of God
The Glorious Freedom
A Visit With Tom Torrance, Master Theologian
The Radical Consequences of Justification
Audio Lectures by Thomas F. Torrance
You’re Included Catalog of All Interviews
Participatory, Trinitarian Christian Faith – Conference by Elmer Colyer
Free to Live – A Conference With Dr. Baxter Kruger
Perichoresis – What’s That?

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